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Paper Licence Changes

posted by JandJAdmin @ 4:27pm, Friday 31 July 2015.

As you’ve most likely heard there have recently been some rather confusing changes regarding the paper part of British driving licences. As of June 8th the paper part of your licence was discontinued and any already in existence will still be valid but won't be updated with any points or changes. Instead, any driving offences or points you have against your licence will be listed on an online database, the View Driving Licence website. However it is your responsibility to make sure you’re listed on this website.

In the past, whenever you decided to rent a vehicle, you were required to provide both the card and paper part of your driving licence, so, what do you have to bring with you when renting a car these days? It’s pretty simple, if you’re not already registered on View Driving Licence, just bring along your drivers licence and your National Insurance number and we’ll guide you through the registration process. You can then go on the Share My Licence website and generate a licence “check code” that will allow us to access your licence details. Each unique code can only be used once. This system has also recently undergone changes as the codes used to be valid for three days only, meaning anyone wanting to rent a car could only be sure everything was ready to go less than 72 hours before they intended on picking up the car, however last week this was changed to three weeks - a much more workable amount of time!

So don’t be deterred by any of the new licence changes, if you’re ever unsure about anything licence orientated then just come and see our Charter Vehicle Hire team and they can give you a helping hand!

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