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Staff Profile - Mark James

posted by JandJAdmin @ 4:31pm, Friday 28 August 2015.

Here at James & Jenkins we value our staff above all, so we thought we'd do a series of staff profiles so that you can get to know them more! First up is big boss Mark James, read on to learn a little bit more about him...

How long have you worked for James & Jenkins/Charter Vehicle Hire (and in what year did you start)?

I started with a sweeping brush in the early 1970s as a child and then counting the money on a Sunday night become a staple every week, and helping in the workshops, then serving petrol in the days before 'Self Service’. I pushed the introduction of computerised accounting through my high school years, with an Amstrad PC1512 being the first one used. I effectively replaced my Grandmother in that respect! Eventually I came to work full-time in January 1993, after spells at Coopers & Lybrand, Chartered Accountants and Welsh Water as part of the internal audit team, and then at Welsh Water Enterprises Ltd. as a Financial Manager.In the early days my efforts were concentrated on Charter Vehicle Hire which was a relatively new acquisition, as well as updating working practices such as monthly salaries direct to employees banks rather than weekly cash in an envelope, and further computerisation of other aspects of the operations which were now focused around our Vauxhall Franchise (taken on in 1983), and the Suzuki one some years later.

I then became MD in 2006, subsequent to an agreed buyout of the 'Jenkins' part of the business.

What is your favourite memory from your time with James & Jenkins/Charter Vehicle Hire?

Doing summer shows such as The Vale Show, St. Mellons Show and supporting a variety of local charities through golf days etc. I did enjoy driving John Hartson across Whitchurch Golf Club in the smallest of cars - it was quite a tight fit!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I can't make my mind up on whether or not to keep my beard!

What are your hopes for the future?

A massive uplift in business activity when Lidl opens across the road next year, which will give us payback for the past eight years which have been difficult at times. With over 100 parking spaces directly opposite us we must capitalise on this footfall as Lidl do not sell cars, petrol or cigarettes, or have National Lottery as we are about to get before the end of 2015. New investment in Charter Vehicle Hire will take us to a new level perhaps operating 400-450 vehicle before the end of 2017.

Check back with us next week for our next Staff Profile!

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